New Friends and Family

April 10, 2016
Awan Rimbawan

2014-04-11 Merry Riana Wempy

New friends and family.

Smart people…awesome people…

We are learning together, working together.

Yesterday, I think from 10.00 in the morning until 23.30.

Long tiring but productive day.

I arrived back in Bandung at 02.00 in the morning.

We are trying to create something new. Something valuable for the society.

We are trying to serve.

Some quotes:

  • “Do something hard when current condition is easy”
  • “There are people that emptying their soul in order to fill their pocket. Don’t be like that. Fill your soul and also fill your pocket”
  • “Ask and you shall receive”

I dedicated this for my family, for my country…for the society…for You…


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